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The Razors were founded in 1977 as one of the first punk bands in Hamburg. Musically, the Razors have always been influenced by UK punk and have remained true to this style until today.  

Legendary today are the concerts at the end of the 70s with Slime at the Kra wall 2000 and the “Noises for the 80s” festival from the Hamburg Markthalle. After the tragic accident of A. Schwabe in 2010, the Razors were reformed and today consist of founding members Gott, Danker, as well as the Hamburg punk greats Witte (ex-Noise Annoys, Ramonez77, Witte XP, Punkenstein) and Old Erwin (ex-Phantastix, SSUB, Punkenstein).


1. Don’t Go / 2. Jump / 3. Never Forget / 4. Because You’re Young / 5. The Shapes Of Things To Come / 6. No Brains