Renegades Of Jazz


  • Released: 07/06/2019
  • Label: Agogo
  • Genre: Jazz

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"One of the finest albums I've heard in a while. Tight, Fela-esque horns, big clubby drums with chunky guitars holding
it all together, this record is constantly engaging and is at times reminiscent of Quantic at his best. Can't say fairer than that!" says Adam Gibbons (Lack Of Afro).
1. Lemon Squeezers
2. Big Fish
3. Another Day (Going in Too Deep)
4. Nevertheless
5. Hot Wired feat. Donnie Numeric
6. Light Me Up feat. Clair Fallows
7. En Route feat. Urda
8. Then And Now
9. Don’t Break My Heart feat. Afrika Fuentes
10. Hands And Hands
11. Set Me Free feat. Jon Kenzie
12. This Journey feat. Kemi Ade