Neon Beach

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Limited LP : 180g Purple Vinyl

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A pack of remixes of tracks from NINA's second album, Synthian (feat. LAU) featuring big players like Robert Parker, Das Mörtal Highway Superstar, Sung and Maethelvin as well as Aztec's very own Zenith Volt and Ends 84. 

The opening track deserves special attention since it gets a very rocky treatment from Ricky Wilde and features the legendary Kim Wilde on additional vocals.

  1. The Wire (feat. Kim Wilde & LAU) [Ricky Wilde Remix]
  2. Unnoticed [Robert Parker Remix]
  3. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Das Mörtal Remix]
  4. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Ends 84 Remix]
  5. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Maethelvin Remix]
  6. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Sung Remix]
  7. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Sung Remix]
  8. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Zenith Volt Remix]