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The German pair of Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling are no strangers to releasing quality long-format albums and while rising through a discerning community of DJ’s have previously released three consecutive albums on tastemaker label Delusions of Grandeur culminating in 2017’s “Listen To Your Heart”. Their latest and fourth studio album via the label Night Time Stories (the London based sister label to the coveted LateNightTales) marks a notable move towards the home listening dynamics of their career counterparts such as Nightmares on Wax and Portishead that have played such a strong influence in Session Victims variety of output over the last decade.
As accomplished producers, Session Victim have been intent on delivering a characteristic body of work for uninterrupted easy listening and with "Needledrop" have landed with significant inspiration from the engaging jazz and soul compositions that found their way into early 2000’s trip hop. Fusing downtempo beats, smooth tones and hedonistic grooves via their intuitive sampling sessions, Session Victim’s fourth album succeeds in actively engaging the listeners mood and intellect in equal measure.


1. Bad Weather Mates
2. The Pain
3. Made Me Fly (Ft. Beth Hirsch)
4. Jazzbeat 7
5. No Sky, Blue Sound
6. Waller and Pierce
7. Needledrop
8. Isle of Taste
9. Cold Chills
10. Still High
11. Glimmer