Stuart A. Staples

Music for Claire Denis' High Life

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Limited LP : Limited edition 180g clear vinyl

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Soundtrack to Claire Denis’ first English Language film "High Life", created by the Tindersticks frontman.
A1. The Garden
A2. Willow Lullaby
A3. System Report
A4. High Life Main Title
A5. River Flashback
A6. Fluids
A7. The Fuck Box
A8. Bad Genes / Revolution
A9. Radiation
A10. Rape Of Boyse
A11. Insemination
A12. Grow Baby, Grow
B13. Boyse's Death
B14. The Dog Ship
B15. Monte And Willow
B16. The Yellow Light
B17. Willow
B18. The Black Hole (excerpt)