Mourning Phase

Mourning Phase (Reissue)

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Sleevenotes by the 3 surviving band members including the long lost Mike Conn, the songwriter. This is the first ever legal edition, all previous editions were without the band’s consent. Reproduces the 2nd, hitherto unseen, handmade cover and band photos. Phenomenally rare test pressing, thought to have been around 25 made. Only 2 had hand- drawn covers, one is long lost in a private collection, and here seen for the first time ever is the accompanying decorated sleeve. They were made for mike conn and his ex partner.

Mourning Phase have remained shrouded in mystery since 1971. Mike Conn lives in a cave in Spain, still playing music, and has pursued the life of a hermit since leaving England. The co-singer, Joy, became a session artist working with Mickey Jupp amongst others, and performed on Top of The Pops singing a british top 10 hit that is simply one of the most terrible songs ever made, she has been in hiding in the Norfolk hinterlands ever since. The 3 surviving members tell their stories in the sleevenotes. Musically extremely complex progressive folk rock, with unique, literate lyrics that poetically manifest the gnarled emotions of a bitter break up, with acerbic guitar strumming and controlled anger.


Ring Out The Bells 4:38
August Song 4:44
Smile Song 3:44
Dross 2:58
Putrescence 5:21
Damn Your Eyes 4:35
Contrived 3:15