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Mini Skirt And Go Go Boots / What You Got

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“Minni Skirt” was initially published in 1967 on the Jamaican COMET label and on the American BRA label and has never been released on vinyl in Europe, until now…

Brilliantly produced, this mythic party dancer combines heavy frantic Rhythm and Soul, flamboyant horns, wild screaming vocals with some of the most concise lyrics ever written:

Today, this ultrarare track is heavily sought after by many collectors, from early “Reggay” fans, Rude Boys, Skin-heads to Mods, Soulies and 60s collectors.

Today, over 700 “want” that track with prices of about 300 pounds for a near mint copy on Discogs!

“What You’Ve Got” was released in 1967 on the WIRL label in Jamaica and on the Doctor Bird label in the U.K as the B side for “Feel Good Now”,

another great track by Lloyd & Glen. It has never been repressed on 7” vinyl since.

For our ”Minni Skirt” ’ B side, we chose a super fast Soul dancer, this time leaning more on the Northern Soul style.

Complete with a prominent beat and superb horns, the much in demand “What You’Ve Got” was the perfect choice for completing our

Jamaican Soul crossover single. Equally rare, a mint copy would be over 300 quid if one can find any!

Lloyd Altamont Thomas Robinson recorded many songs as a singer first for Studio One in 1963 and later for many labels and Jamaican producers including Duke Reid, Lloyd Daley, Sir JJ and more. Robinson was part of the duo Lloyd and Devon, whom had quite a few good songs under their belt including a hit for Derrick Morgan's Hop label, "Red Bum Ball.". With Glen Brown, under the name Lloyd & Glen, he wrote and recorded many outstanding Rocksteady & early Reggae tracks, some quite heavily influenced by Black Soul including the two sublime tracks featured here. He went on to record the big dancehall hit “Cuss Cuss” in 1984 on the Harry J. label.

Glenmore Lloyd Brown, began his career as a vocalist in Sonny Bradshaw’s jazz group before recording duets with Hopeton Lewis, Dave Barker, and Lloyd Robinson.

Later, Brown became the founder and owner of the Reggae/Dub labels Pantomine and South East Music. A sought after producer he worked with many with many Reggae greats including U Roy, Gregory Isaacs, Big Youth, I-Roy, Prince Jazzbo, Johnny Clarke, Lloyd Parks, and Little Roy.

The heavy rhythms of his Dub productions resulted in his being known as "The rhythm master". As “Lloyd & Glen”, they composed, sang and recorded together about 15 tracks, ranging from Ska to Rocksteady to Soul on a variety of labels between 1966 and 1968.

Most of these songs are outstanding, many are just sublime with a strong American Soul influence.


A: Mini Skirt And Go Go Boots
B: What You Got