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Limited LP : Limited edition clear vinyl

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The 2nd album from Berlin's darkwave/new wave band Pink Turns Blue, originally released in 1988.

Remastered and returned to its original vinyl format for the first time since 1988 through Dais, "Meta" flexes the
songwriting muscle and spirit of the band’s second iteration, informed by an entirely different set of circumstance
and vocabulary. Most importantly, the album’s nine tracks evolved the band’s sound and undeniable imprint on
darkwave, shaping its very vocabulary and sonic identity past Europe and into fans looking below the surface for
melody and meaning.
1. The First
2. The Curse
3. Your Master Is Calling
4. Darkness
1. Cult of the Beautiful
2. Celebration’s Day
3. Touch the Skies
4. Marcella
5. Faces of the Gone