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Limited LP: Transparent Blue Vinyl

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Having taken a break from music for a few years, South London’s ME REX began life in 2018 in the home of songwriter Myles McCabe experimenting with shouty, electronic bedroom pop. Armed with a slew of “surging gargantuan hooks” and themes of friendship, forgiveness, joy and dinosaurs, McCabe was quickly joined by longtime friends Kathryn Woods (guitar/vocals), Phoebe Cross (drums/vocals) and Rich Mandell (bass/keys/vocals). Now, graduated from producing songs at home to recording at Resident Studios in North London with Mandell behind the mixing desk: ME REX spent the latter half of 2020 bashing down the doors to the indie world with double EP ‘Triceratops/Stegosuarus’.

Finding their penchant for constructing delicate threads of vocal layering to convey feelings of calm while building on luscious swathes of reverberated guitar and keys on single ‘Rites’, the band are not afraid to explore different musical concepts: shaping material that strays from traditional album and single structures that results in a sound that could easily find a home on the big screen as they do behind closed doors. Described as “making for both a potent and cathartic listen all round” by DIY magazine — as well as seeing praise from Stereogum, BBC 6Music, Radio X, Amazing Radio, For The Rabbits and Circuit Sweet — ME REX are back with a new and ambitious project ‘Megabear’, an album made up of 52 tracks that has no beginning or end but exists as a cyclical body of work. 


1. Xenon
2. Krypton
3. The King of Drowning
4. Peckham Rye
5. Burnt Oak
6. Argon
7. Saturn Dragon and Child
8. Mercury Burns and Eats Itself
9. The Shape of Our Container
10. Megabear
11. The Weapons of Artemis
12. For Transmutation
13. Lead
14. Hale’s Comet
15. Venus
16. Peck
17. The Party Eating Its Own Tail

18. Excavation
19. Ursa Major
20. Distillate
21. Wandle
22. Static and Splendour
23. Pulled Apart
24. Oganesson
25. Lapis Lazuli
26. Applewhite Iron Sulphide
27. Nettles
28. God of Rain
29. Silver Iodide
30. Crystal Palaces
31. Sun Rising Over the City
32. Royal Art
33. Moon Rising
34. Heaven’s Gate

35. Radon
36. Jupiter
37. Putrefaction
38. Ancient Ash
39. Weaving Clothes
40. Opus
41. Tin
42. Reclaimed From the Water
43. Iron Oxide
44. Helium
45. Neon
46. Iron Sulphide
47. Iron Gated
48. Sulphur and Mercury
49. Split Egg in the Mirror
50. Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice
51. Hydrogen
52. Aion and Ficus