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LP : 180g Black Vinyl

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Stu Larsen has no fixed residence...all he owns is a suitcase. You can find him in his native Australia, in Spain, Japan or South America before he picks up and leaves for his next destination.

The Queensland, Australia-born singer-songwriter, and narrator packed up his life in a suitcase and has circled the globe on a near twelve-year and five-continent international trip.

He has chronicled this journey through his music, including his newest full-length album Marigold.


1. We Got Struck by Lightning
2. Hurricane
3. Whisky & Blankets
4. Wires Crossed
5. Wide Awake & Dreaming
6. Where Have All the Leaves Gone?
7. Je Te Promets Demain
8. My Love My Love
9. Movement & Time
10. The Loudest Voice
11. Phone Call from My Lover