Oneohtrix Point Never

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

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Limited 2LP : Yellow Vinyl

2LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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The end of 2019 was soundtracked by one of the most unanimously critically acclaimed film scores of recent history, an anxiety-driven joyride paired to the Safdie Brothers’ noir thriller Uncut Gems. Unknowingly, Lopatin captured a universal feeling of dread that cuts even deeper in the current state of world affairs. And now, just as many artists are leaning into a newly discovered darkness as this year closes, Lopatin turns his dial towards a frequency of profound self-awareness on an even deeper journey inwards towards peace. With the backdrop of re-imagined programming for a soft rock-era format that symbolically spans from morning drive into late night hours, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, the name a reference to a misheard play on words of Boston’s Magic 106.7, is a nostalgic and self-referential career defining body of work, collaging maximalist baroque within atmospheric glitter. Here Lopatin has mastered his own autobiography; an ornate musical double entendre from an artist making the most enlightened music of his career.



A1. Cross Talk I

A2. Auto & Allo 

A3. Long Road Home 

A4. Cross Talk II


B1. I Don’t Love Me Anymore

B2. Bow Ecco

B3. The Whether Channel 

B4. No Nightmares 


C1. Cross Talk III

C2. Tales From The Trash Stratum

C3. Answering Machine

C4. Imago

C5. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys 


D1. Lost But Never Alone

D2. Shifting 

D3. Wave Idea


  1. Cross Talk I
  2. Auto & Allo 
  3. Long Road Home
  4. Cross Talk II
  5. I Don’t Love Me Anymore
  6. Bow Ecco
  7. The Whether Channel 
  8. No Nightmares 
  9. Cross Talk III
  10. Tales From The Trash Stratum
  11. Answering Machine
  12. Imago
  13. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys 
  14. Lost But Never Alone
  15. Shifting
  16. Wave Idea
  17. Nothing’s Special