Maestro In The Chamber

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“Last summer, Maestro were invited to the Chateau du Fëy in French Burgundy to perform live. Instead of going for

their usual power trio formula, they dropped almost all their instruments arsenal, kept one synth, a minimal drum kit

and invited a string quartet to create stripped down chamber orchestra versions of their songs. The result was

beyond everyone's expectations. And luckily it was recorded. I always love hearing great bands demos and alternate

takes (like The Beatles, Bowie...), when the things are still rough, stripped down. Then you can really hear the

essence of a song. That's what's so beautiful with this record, Fred's intricate string arrangements cast a new light on

Maestro's sophisticated compositions, Mark's lyrics and voice take you far away, their music shines like never before.

One last thing, if they ever play in your town, do yourself a favor and go see them live.”

- Joakim
1. Always Now

2. Sweet Talk

3. Timbuck

4. Cleansing

5. Emperor Dies Laughing

6. Darlin’ Celsa

7. K.I.M.