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Lowest Form of Animal

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Texas metalcore band Kublai Khan TX recently released the new song "Resentment," and now they've announced a new EP, Lowest Form of Animal, featuring that song and four others. Along with the announcement comes new single "Swan Song," which features guest vocals from Terror (and Buried Alive and World Be Free) frontman Scott Vogel.

"'Swan Song' re-tells many of life's harshest realities — both from afar and close to home," says vocalist Matthew Honeycutt. "Seeing the mental and physical damage of the sex trade in every corner and pocket of the USA — most remaining nameless and unsung. For what it's worth, we seek to share a single story: To reflect the thousands of lives lost in the unforgiving system that operates, unrelentingly, day and night."


1. Swan Song (feat. Scott Vogel)
2. Loyal to None
3. Taipan
4. Resentment
5. Dynasty