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Low Birth Weight

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2019 marks the 20th anniversary of ‘Low Birth Weight,’ the second album by Piano Magic, then a loose
collective of musicians centred around founder songwriter, Glen Johnson. Though a year later, the collective would take shape as a bona fide internationally touring group, in 1999, Johnson had one foot in his native Nottingham and the other in his new home of London where, finding himself label manager at Rough Trade Records, also became highly prolif ic, releasing his own records across a myriad of micro - labels (Che, Wurtlitzer Jukebox, Darla, Rocket Girl, etc). ‘Low Birth Weight’ is undoubtedly of its time, though undoubtedly more playful and literary than much of the music made during the late 90’s and a fascinating bridge between dream pop and e xperimental electronic music.
Snowfall Soon
Crown Estate
Bad Patient
The Fun Of The Century
Birdy Machine
Not Fair
Dark Secrets Look For Light
Snow Drums
Shepherds Are Needed
I Am The Sub-Librarian
Waking Up