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Limited LP: Hot Pink & Orchid Splatter Vinyl

LOUDMOUTH, released in partnership with Get Better Records (Suzie True, Bacchae), establishes VIAL as a force to be reckoned with. Here, they’ve reworked bits of their own origin story into ‘Vodka Lemonade,’ revisiting the anxieties and awkwardness that come from gigs in strangers’ basements. Nobody goes it alone this time, with a triple-part vocal harmony cutting through any sense of solitude.

Early track ‘Violet’ shimmers as a love song, adding shockwaves of indie-punk grit in the WLW canon. VIAL’s punk rock pedigree shines through too, granting listeners ‘Mr. Fuck You,’ a slamming kiss-off without any cushion, and ‘Planet Drool,’ populated by the band’s expert sarcasm and keyboard swirls. For every moment of daring, there’s another locked in relatable depth. Look no further than the closer ‘21,’ which shoulders adulthood’s growing pains with wistful hope.


Ego Death / Violet / Planet Drool / Mr. Fuck You / Something More / Thumb / Piss Punk / Therapy Pt II / Roadkill / Vodka Lemonade / Addict / 21