Lost Souls Of Saturn

Lost Souls Of Saturn

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Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa are Lost Souls Of Saturn and this is their debut album, released on classic Techno label R&S.

But techno it is not.....this multidimensional mind trip takes in old sci-fi soundtracks, acid, free jazz, avant garde, musique concrete, world music and more.... whirling around an underground-dance-music axis.
Attempting something creatively that’s above-and-beyond, LSOS explore new ways to open doors of perception and

challenge the reality vs. simulation paradigm, whilst capturing the spirit of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Philip K. Dick and

Sun Ra within their music, live experiences and films.
A1. Connection

A2. System Anomalies

A3. Midnight Karma

B1. Divine Plane (Méditation Des Enfants)

B2. Genesis Singularity

B3. Lunarvision

C1. Ring Transmission

C2. Lost Souls Of Saturn

D1. Frequency Revelation

D2. The Awakening