Michael Giacchino

Lost (Season 1 / Original Television Soundtrack)

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Marking a new era of modern television, ABC's Lost became an instant blockbuster and cultural phenomenon, with an audience of over 14 million people tuning in every week. Adding fuel to the fire of immense creative talent around the show, composer Michael Giacchino's music for Lost was just as important as any of the actors. Craft Recordings/Varèse Sarabande is excited to release the music from Season 1 on the vinyl for the first time ever, as a 2-LP edition that comes in a silver foil gatefold jacket.

Side A
1. Main Title (composed by J.J. Abrams)
2. The Eyeland
3. World’s Worst Beach Party
4. Credit Where Credit Is Due
5. Run Like Um… Help
6. Hollywood And Vines
7. Just Die Already
8. Me And My Big Mouth

Side B
1. Crocodile Locke
2. Win One For The Reaper
3. Departing Sun
4. Charlie Hangs Around
5. Navel Gazing
6. Proper Motivation

Side C
1. Run Away! Run Away!
2. We’re Friends
3. Getting Ethan
4. Thinking Clairely
5. Lock’ed Out Again
6. Life And Death
7. Booneral
8. Shannonigans

Side D
1. Kates Motel
2. I’ve Got A Plane To Catch
3. Monsters Are Such Interesting People
4. Partying Words
5. Oceanic