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The three agents of the Collusion come from quite diverse backgrounds. After several musical metamorphoses, Achim Tang (double bass) is currently known as an improvisor. Central to his work are the questioning of the concept of art from a socio-cultural stance as well as the critique of the reduction of musicians to their roles as instrumentalists. Kurt Fuhrmann (drums) is interested in the exploration of intermediate zones that harbor the intensity and depth of evolving forms and open up spaces for surprising musical textures and colors, formal experiments, and improvisation. He collaborates (no collusion!) with classical musicians, contemporary composers, free improvisors; plays together with Flamenco soloists and indie bands; and produces electronic music. Since his first album, The Free-Wheeling, which was followed by five others (i.e. Man With a Dog, Did the Devil not Corrupt You?), songwriter Franz Kasper (vocals, guitar) has been regarded as the erratic figure of German indie rock, and he “remains one of the most peculiar, most undiscovered singers” (Rolling Stone).
1. Losing It
2. Jen And Marie
3. Sure?
4. The Cabin In The Woods
5. Dangerous
6. (A Little More) Dangerous
7. Where
8. Stans Of The World
9. Who
10. Something Wrong
11. Stolen
12. What
13. Sure About it