Garnet Mimms

Looking For You / As Long As I Have You

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Mimms is an American R&B artist and a pioneer of the early ”soul” sound. He is best known for his 1963 R&B #1 hit “Cry Baby” famously covered by Janis Joplin. It was also a favourite live track of U.K. rockers Led Zeppelin. Our chosen A-side was originally released in the U.S. on United Artists in 1965 to absolutely no acclaim at the time. It was also released in the U.K. coupled with the hit “I’ll Take Good Care Of You” but still failed to make the charts and remains rare to this day. Our B-side, “As Long As I Have You” was only released on 45 in France and is incredibly rare (note: the U.K. release on United Artists in 1967 is a “live” version). As with the aforementioned “Cry Baby”, “As Long As I Have You” was also a favourite of Led Zeppelin and they performed a 15-minute version on their International tours.


1. Looking For You
2. As Long As I Have You