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DESTRUCTION bring their unstoppable thrash metal power to your home on Live Attack! Since their debut EP, Sentence Of Death (1984), the German foursome DESTRUCTION has turned heads and broken necks with their incredibly honest and uncompromising thrash metal power. Now, 37 years into their unstoppable rampage of a career, DESTRUCTION bring the power of hard-hitting drums, speedy riffs and punishing vocals to the comfort of your home on the new 2CD+DVD (BluRay), Live Attack (out August 13 via Napalm Records)! When the music world was forced to shut down venues and cancel tours for an indefinite period of time, DESTRUCTION came through to deliver their outstanding power via live stream to their loyal fans at home – now available for you to enjoy on high-definition BluRay!

Witness DESTRUCTION ripping through their live set of 22 songs, including beloved classics like “Mad Butcher”, “Thrash Till Death”, “Born To Perish” and many more! Filmed and recorded at the legendary Z7 venue in Pratteln (Switzerland),DESTRUCTION spare no expense or effort to bring you a live show experience that will make you bang your head like you’re in the front row at the show, getting your ear drums penetrated by rumbling double-bass grooves! 


Disc: 1
1. Born To Perish
2. Death Trap
3. Nailed To The Cross
4. Armageddonizer
5. Tormentor
6. Rotten
7. Mad Butcher
8. Reject Emotions
9. Thrash Till Death
10. Betrayal
11. Sign Of Fear
12. Damir’s Shred
13. Inspired By Death

Disc: 2
1. Release From Agony
2. Life Without Sense
3. Antichrist
4. Invincible Force
5. Under Attack
6. Bestial Invasion
7. The Butcher Strikes Back
8. Curse The Gods
9. Total Desaster