Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

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The debut album from Lightning Bolt, originally released in 1999 as a limited edition of 740 copies. Since their first moment it seems like they’ve been as electric as their name suggests. "Lightning Bolt", their first album, captures that energy in a raw form. Famously lo-fi, this is the album that’s been described as most feeling like being at one of their shows. It’s difficult to listen and not want to jump with the crowd it feels like must be huddled around the amp producing an incredible wave of noise, astonishingly coming from just two musicians. You can hear the threads of their later work; use of repetition, a sense of grinding and building, noise melting to guitar solos . This album is loud and the riffs repeated become mesmerizing as they warp slowly thru the songs. The original pressing was one record, this re-issue is now 2LP. 


Into The Valley
Murk Hike
Caught Deep In The Zone
Fleeing From The Valley Of Whirling Knives