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Manager/agent/impresario/entrepreneur Larry Parnes, known euphemistically as “Parnes, Shillings and Pence”, was perhaps the most important non-performing figure in UK Rock ‘n’ Roll.

He discovered and managed Britain’s first genuine Rock ‘n’ Roller, Tommy Steele, in 1956, following which steadily built his famous “Stable Of Stars”, whose frontline members featured Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Dickie Pride (Billy, Marty and Dickie are widely acknowledged as Britain’s finest rockers) and the irrepressible Joe Brown.

His ‘second string’ comprised the eternally unlucky Vince Eager, Steele’s younger brother Colin Hicks, Johnny Gentle, Duffy Power, Peter Wynne, Julian X, The Viscounts, Lance Fortune, Danny Rivers, Terry Dene, Nelson Keene, Jess Conrad and of course The Tornados, whose multi-million selling ‘Telstar’ even topped the U.S. charts.

All are featured on this excellent ‘tribute’ compilation, which juxtaposes hits and well-known near misses, alongside a couple of real collectors’ rarities.

  1. Tommy Steele - Rock With The Caveman
  2. Tommy Steele - Singing The Blues
  3. Marty Wilde - Endless Sleep
  4. Vince Eager - Yea Yea
  5. Tommy Steele - Come On Let’s Go
  6. Vince Eager - No More
  7. Colin Hicks - Little Boy Blue
  8. Billy Fury - Maybe Tomorrow
  9. Johnny Gentle - Wendy
  10. Marty Wilde - A Teenager In Love
  11. Duffy Power - Dream Lover
  12. Dickie Pride - Fabulous Cure
  13. Johnny Gentle - I Like The Way
  14. Dickie Pride - Primrose Lane
  15. Peter Wynne - Chapel Of Dreams
  16. Marty Wilde - Bad Boy
  17. Julian X - Sue Saturday
  18. The Viscounts - Rockin’ Little Angel
  19. Lance Fortune - Be Mine
  20. Joe Brown - Darktown Strutters Ball
  21. Vince Eager - Lonely Blue Boy
  22. Danny Rivers - Hawk
  23. Terry Dene - Geraldine
  24. Nelson Keene - Image Of A Girl
  25. Billy Fury - Wondrous Place
  26. Jess Conrad - Mystery Girl
  27. Nelson Keene - Miracles Are Happening To Me
  28. Duffy Power - What Now
  29. The Tornados - Love And Fury
  30. Joe Brown - A Picture Of You
  31. Billy Fury - Last Night Was Made For Love
  32. The Tornados - Telstar
  33. Joe Brown - It Only Took A Minute