Pino Donaggio

La Setta (The Sect) OST

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LP : Red vinyl

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Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present the complete score to director Michele Soavi’s 1991 horror film, "The Sect" (Italian title: "La Setta"), also known as "The Devil' Daughter". This demonic cinematic offering, co-written and produced by Dario Argento, features a brilliant score by one of the great maestros of horror film composing, Pino Donaggio ("Carrie", "Piranha", "Tourist Trap", "Black Cat", "The Howling", et al.). For this film, Donaggio incorporates synthesizers, electronic percussion, and a creepy chorus of voices to capture the ominous occult atmosphere of Soavi’s work. With plenty of jumps and scares, Donaggio expertly accentuates the tension onscreen with this frightfully foreboding score. As you drop the needle on this satanic slab of wax, be prepared to relish in some auditory Luciferian delights as you fall under the spell of "The Sect".


Side A
1. La Setta
2. Ansimando
3. Il Cuore Strappato
4. The Heights of Alma
5. Prelude to Candice
Side B
1. Sogno
2. Metro
3. Il Mistero Del Pozzo
4. La Mente Di Miriam
5. Whistle These Old Blues