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The 2nd album from Istanbul trio Islandman, chock full of ethno-cultural material from Japan to Bulgaria, including field recordings of Tuva, Central Asia throat singers. Shamanic rhythms were introduced to nomadic guitars, combining with compact electronic structures, finally transforming jazz elements into dance movements of a tribe that no one knew and emerged as "Kaybola" (meaning to get lost to find a new way in Turkish).

The 2LP includes 5 tracks that are not on the digital album, including collaborations with Ibiza legend DJ Pippi on Sem Voce and the jazz journey of Lumiere ,produced in Denmark with label mates The Swan & The Lake & Langkilde.
A1 Dimitro 04.38
A2 Kaybola 04.24
A3 Zebra 06.45
A4 Hold Your Breath 03.06
B1 Sahara 05.52
B2* Lumiere Et Penombre feat, The Swan & The Lake & Langkilde 06.20
B3 Marakesh 03.31
B4* Jambo Maro 05.24
C1* Sem Voce feat. Copenema & DJ Pippi 06.28
C2 Khepre 06.29
C3 Shu 06.16
D1 Lamani 03.52
D2* island dub 03.55
D3* Rama 06.58
D4 Sumeru 04.58
* tracks not on digital album