Mark Kozelek and Petra Haden

Joey Always Smiled

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Mark Kozelek teams up with violinist and singer Petra Haden for a new album called "Joey Always Smiled". Along with Haden, it features contributions
from Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, character actor Kevin Corrigan, regular Kozelek collaborator Ben Boye, and more. And following six originals with very Kozelekian song titles, the record closes out with a folky, beautifully spare cover of Huey Lewis & The News ’ immortal Back To The Future soundtrack hit ‘The Power Of Love”.

LP 1:
Parakeet Prison
Joey Always Smiled
Rest In Peace R Lee Ermey
Nice People All-Around
LP 2:
1983 Era MTV Music is The Soundtrack To Outcasts Being Bullied By Jocks
Spanish Hotels Are Echoey
The Power Of Love