Andrew Liles

Its Only Pain

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It's Only Pain is Liles' first 'general' release since 2018. All the lyrics used on the album were written by Liles' father, Michael Liles. They were discovered when clearing out his spare room after his death in 2017. The poetry was written sometime in the late 70's and has been given a life here. As with most Liles releases this recording covers a lot of styles, from heavy rock to psychedelia, and even a track that wouldn't be out of place in a West End musical.

It is a compelling album full of unlikely twists and turns, a unique homage to his dead father's memory and words.  Contributions come from Karin Park, Faust's Jean Hervé Peron, ex Mayhem frontman Maniac and Mared Lenny (the critically acclaimed Welsh singer known as Swci Boscawen). This album is issued in two sleeve designs, here are also various different vinyl colours, these will issued randomly, the edition is limited to just 250 copies.


1. Skid-Row Schizoid 05:51
2. A Thousand Minds 03:39
3. Bywyd Llonydd 03:43
4. Beyond the Cosmos 06:07
5. Electronic Library 03:44
6. Sailor Boy 03:46
7. Lliwiau 03:23
8. Humanist 01:48
9. Down the One Side 04:16
10. Freedom and Death 03:31