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Iorram (Boat Song) OST

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Award winning fiddle player - composer and producer Aidan O’Rourke (Lau). ‘Iorram (Boat Song)’ is the first cinematic documentary made entirely in the Gaelic language. Unflinching, unromanticised, the film is a portrait of modern fishing communities in the Outer Hebrides charting the toil and loss of an industry which used to thrive on islands once rich with Gaelic culture. ‘a feast for the ears’ - The Guardian ‘a hypnotically understated score’ - Radio Times At the heart of soundtrack are archive Gaelic voices recorded in the 1950s and 1960s. The voices are gritty, witty, lyrical, innately musical; around them O’Rourke weaves his stripped-back, magnetic new music scored for an ensemble of international folk, jazz and contemporary classical luminaries.

The Kaylana (Introduction) / Iorram / The Herring Girls And The Barra Boys / Am Bòchdan / Óran Nan Sgalpach / The Kaylana (Introduction 2) / Fuadaichean Nan Gaidheal / O Hó ó Hoireann, Tha Mi Ann Am Èiginn / The Sandbank And The Whale / Fhir A’ Bhata / Nuair Thàinig Àm An Iasgaich / The Kaylana / The Six Widows / Iorram (Reprise 2)