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Inwards & Onwards

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Only this time, that back-to-basics simplicity is complemented by a decade
of recording experience that’s allowed Half Moon Run to take complete control of their means of production.

After enlisting A-list rock producers like Jim Abbiss and Joe Chiccarelli in the
past, Half Moon Run recorded their new six-song EP the aptly titled Inwards &
Onwards entirely on their own in their practice-space studio.

Beyond relieving them of the pressures that come with working in a $1,000-a-
day recording facility and trying to reconcile their vision with an outsider’s opinions, the DIY set-up allowed Molander, Phillips, and Portielje to naturally reestablish their three-way chemistry at their own pace. “I heard [the Dark Eyes track] ‘Drug You’ on the radio recently,” Molander shares, “and I was just like, ‘Oh, yeah! There’s Dev, there’s Dyl, and there’s me’ you can hear the three of us playing our parts, but they fit into one cohesive
whole. I always wanted the band to feel that way, and a lot of the tracks on this
EP do have that triangular quality the separation in the voices, but the unity in the whole.”

How Come My Body / On & On / Fxgiving / It’s True / Nosebleeds / Tiny