Juan Wauters

Introducing Juan Pablo

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Previous album "La Onda de Juan Pablo" was a travelogue of sorts, with its anthropological efforts, it's parade of Latin American musicians and its choice to only feature Wauters native tongue. "Introducing Juan Pablo", on the other hand, goes back and forth between Spanish and English.
In a nod to both his home country and his adopted home, he includes an English version of "El Hombre de la Calle" ("The Man On The Street") by Jaime Roos, one of the most popular Uruguayan songwriters.
1. Super Talking
2. Doing Alright
3. Rubia
4. Letter
5. Bolero (Maurice Ravel)
6. Mystery
7. Lonely
8. Mountain
9. Jaime Tortuga
10. El Hombre de la Calle
11. Dos
12. What You Gonna Do
13. Letter (feat. Maxine)
14. Crazy Funny (feat. Maxine)
15. Lora
16. Straighten Up and Lose
17. Saludos