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Innocent Country 2

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Limited LP: Fuego Vinyl

Limited LP: Black Ice Vinyl

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If now is the time for voodoo amulets and protective talismans, sharpened swords and unbreakable shields, it’s also a moment for music to assume its highest form as a healing art, a source of benevolent spells, and a refuge from the chaos. After all, the best creators are always those that tap into the telluric current that exists below the surface.

Those who delve into the collective unconscious so that timeliness is a happy accident; timelessness was always the intent. If Quelle Chris and Chris Keys’ Innocent Country 2 sounds like an antidote for a moment of surreal anxiety, the same could be said of it a decade from now. It’s an album best understand in a dialogue with the first volume of the series. Released in 2016, the initial Innocent Country focused on isolation, pessimism, and the notion of finding peace within pain. At a time when those feelings convey the mood of the moment, Quelle and Keys have responded with a soundtrack that offers soothing light in a bleak timeline. A hopeful record in a hopeless moment, precisely when it’s needed most.


1. Intro: Recap
2. Grease From The Elbows (feat. Pink Siifu, Billy Woods,
3. Outro: Honest (feat. Marcella Arguela)
4. Black Twitter (feat. MosEL, Nelson Bandela)
5. Sudden Death
6. Living Happy (feat. Joseph Chilliums, Cavalier)
7. Sacred Safe (feat. Merrill Garbus, Cavalier,Homeboy Sandman)
8. Graphic Bleed Outs (feat. Melanie St. Charles, Merrill Garbus)
9. Mirage (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Denmark Vessey, Merrill Garbus, Big Sen)
10. Horizon
11. Moments (feat. Josh Gondelman)
12. Fifoalsa: Credits
13. Bottle Black Power Buy The Business