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Sound Wave

A reggae ‘supergroup’ with Ken Boothe, Cedric “The Congos” Myton, Kiddus I, Winston McAnuff, The Viceroys, Judy Mowatt (Bob Marley), Jah9, Var, Derajah and more.
Includes a version of Ken Boothe’s hit ‘Everything I Own’ and Horace Andy’s take on Bill Withers’ masterful ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’.


1. If You Love Me (Feat. Kiddus I)
2. Malcolm X (Feat. Winston McAnuff)
3. Row Fisherman (Feat. Cedric Myton)
4. Everything I Own (Feat. Ken Boothe)
5. Ya Ho (Feat. The Viceroys)
6. Ain’t No Sunshine (Feat. Horace Andy)
7. Black Woman (Feat. Judy Mowatt & Jah9)
8. Survive (Feat. Kiddus I)
9. Rebellion In Heaven (Feat. Cedric Myton)
10. Be Careful (Feat. Var, Derajah & Winston McAnuff)
11. Tribute to My Sista (Feat. Derajah)
12. Speak Softly Love (Feat. Ken Boothe)
13. Live Good (Feat. Var)