Inmazes (Reissue)

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Limited 2LP : Marble Vinyl

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Inmazes is the title of the debut album by Danish experimental rock band VOLA. 
The album tries to capture this feeling of being trapped in mental mazes and not being able to fully experience happiness. Asger: “How it is achieved? I think we’ve all tried being so caught up in a joyful moment, that we have a little voice inside our head saying: “right now is so wonderful!” It’s an incredibly pure experience that can only exist if we are so present in this very situation, that negative things are pushed back in our head, to the point where they don’t reach your consciousness. If the negative thoughts are sticking to the very front of your mind, it suddenly becomes a very tiresome and complex struggle to make this moment of happiness occur.

This re-issue will be released on May 21st via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group in conjunction with the new VOLA album Witness.


Side A
1. The Same War
2. Stray The Skies
3. Starburn

Side B
1. Owls
2. Your Mind Is A Helpless Dreamer
3. Emily
4. Gutter Moon

Side C
1. A Stare Without Eyes
2. Feed The Creatures
3. Inmazes

Side D
1. Gutter Moon (October Session) [Bonus Track]
2. Stray The Skies (October Session) [Bonus Track]