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Since the emergence of "100% GALCHER", his first mixtape in 2013, Cleveland-raised, New York-based producer and DJ Galcher Lustwerk has operated in his own lane of low-key hip-house music. Deep, smooth, psychedelic, equally cut for the club, after-hours, night drives, and headphones. The sound was set from the start: a smokey stream-of consciousness baritone shadow-boxing with beats, informed by funk, rap, rhythm and blues.

Stylistically, the tracks on "Information" are certainly in the same realm as Galcher Lustwerk’s previous output, but a
noted inclusion of more live drums and jazz saxophone create a new dynamic. As does a pivot in mindset, he explains: “Being from the midwest and with Ghostly putting it out, I think it’s fitting to cull together my most midwest-minded, ‘hookier’ tracks. I wanted to capture a bittersweet quality that I hear in a lot of other Cleveland producers.”
1. Left In The Dark
2. I See A Dime
3. Another Story
4. Overpay, Overstay
5. Plainview
6. Bit
7. Thermonics
8. Cig Angel
9. Fathomless Irie
10. Been A Long Night
11. Speed
12. Cig Angel (Dance Mix) [Bonus)