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Industry OST

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Nathan Micay has provided the full original score to the new HBOR series ‘Industry’ - centred on young graduates of mixed backgrounds, entering the cut-throat world of London finance. LuckyMe release the original soundtrack alongside new bonus dance edits.

Nathan Micay’s title track channels the spirit of Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre, also blending euphoric trance and dream pop with excerpts of the characters’ dialogue, creating a celestial mezzanine that both compliments the TV show, and excels as standalone art. As The Quietus highlighted in 2019, “Micay’s strength as a composer and producer comes from how he keeps this narrative flowing”, scoring for TV was a natural progression for the multi-instrumentalist.

  1. Industry 
  2. Birth Of A World Killer 
  3. Wins/Losses 
  4. He Still Has The Key
  5. Country Club Henries
  6. Cutting A Line At The Tailor 
  7. Don’t Speak To The Press (For My Love)
  8. Harper’s Morning Pitch 
  9. To Me, You’re Worthless
  10. You’re Far Too Young
  11. Funnily Enough I Remember 
  12. I Need The Structure 
  13. Grad Walk 
  14. End Credits (Let’s Go Make Some Money)