Barenaked Ladies

In Flight

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In Flight, BNL's eighteenth studio album, retains the dry wit and keen observation we expect from vocalist/ guitarist Ed Robertson, bassist Jim Creeggan, keyboardist/guitarist Kevin Hearn and drummer Tyler Stewart, but adds a strong sense of maturing and lessons learned. There is also a sense of joy (which is exemplifed in the first single, "Lovin' Life) and appreciation. On the new single,

"One Night", BNL honor "...the magical connection that happens between a whole audience and a band." Songwriter Robertson, says, "When it goes right - which it almost always does - for that 'One Night', it's a very intense connection." In addition to the eight songs written/ co- written by Ed Robertson, the album features four songs from Kevin Hearn, (two of which are love letters to Toronto - "See the Tower" and "The Peace Lady") and two from Jim Creeggan (including "Wake Up", a co-write with the Arkells' Max Kerman). Produced by Grammy and Award-Winning producer Eric Ratz, In Flight is ready for take off.


Lovin' Life 
One Night 
Enough Time 
What Do We Need? 
Just Wait 
Waning Moon 
Fifty for a While 
Too Old 
See the Tower 
Wake Up 
Clearly Lost 
The Dream Hotel 
I Am Asking You To 
The Peace Lady