The New Tutenkhamen

I Wish You Were Mine

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For the first time in over 40 years, the only album from Zimbabwean group The New Tutenkhamen is re-issued by the Nyami Nyami label.
From the afro-jazz jam session aesthetics of “Tutenkhamen Theme”, “Big Brother Malcom” and “Forever Together”, to
the almost Van Morrison-sounding “Sunday Morning”; from the upbeat rock ballad “True Love”, to the funk-infused
dance song “Togetherness”; from the bouncy jazz exhortations to work hard in “Ane Nungo”, to the brassy, raunchy
foot-stomper “Me & Dolly”. The title track “I Wish You Were Mine” is a ska-infused ballad that wouldn’t be out of place in post-war Birmingham, while the star of the show is “Joburg Bound”, itself a fast-paced rock piece with Motown undertones and funky guitar lines.
1. Tutenkhamen Theme
2. Sunday Morning
3. I Wish You Were Mine
4. Togetherness
5. True Love
6. Ane Nungo
7. Big Brother Malcom
8. Forever Together
9. Me & Dolly
10. Joburg Bound