Husky Loops

I Can't Even Speak English

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Debut album from London (by way of Bologna) trio.

They originally met in Italy while playing in punk and 'weird rock' bands, but for the last few years they have been based in the capital honing the Husky Loops sound.
1. A Message from Lily to a Friend - Intro
2. Good As Gold
3. Yes I Know What I'm Gonna Do
4. Temporary Volcano
5. Enemy Is Yourself
6. Let Go For Nothing
7. The Reasonable Thing
8. Slippin'
9. A Little Something
10. Fred Again Niceboy - Snippet
11. Fuck Me Naturally (feat. Mother Marygold) - Husky Loops (feat. Mother MaryGold)
12. Everyone is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me
13. Joy (Outro)