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I Am

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After becoming 2019’s biggest UK-signed selling artist, with a number 1 debut
album, an international hit single in ‘Leave A Light On’ , three million worldwide
album sales and over four billion global streams in tow, Tom Walker makes his
hard-fought return with brand new studio record, I Am, out May 31st, 2024 .

Where previously, Tom became known for powerful accounts of other people’s
stories, including a friend’s battle with drugs (‘Leave A Light On’), and
articulating his own relatable feelings for his now wife (‘Just You & I’); he now
finds himself writing about his own personal struggles and anxieties, creative
challenges, sadness and moments of despair. It is a sometimes visceral account
of who Tom Walker is in 2023, hence the title: I Am.

“I Am is a culmination of me trying to figure out who I am for the last four years.”
explains Tom. “This record is a snapshot of what's been going on in my life, and
what's been happening around me – what's made me happy or sad, ecstatic or