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The 4th Föllakzoid album is finally upon us and it's a multidimensional reconsideration of what the process of songwriting, performance, and creating a work of recorded music can be.

Unlike past Föllakzoid records, that were done in single takes with the full band, this record took three months to construct out of more than 60 separate stems – guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, and vocals, all recorded in
isolation. Producer Atom TM, who was not present for recording, was then asked to re-organize the four sequences of
stems without any length, structural restrictions or guidelines. Those sequences ultimately became the four long
tracks that appear on I.

The result of this was a set of songs where neither the band’s, nor the producer’s, structural vision primarily shaped
the metric or tonal space shifts, but where both were still subliminally present in each of the parts that form the
structure and the frequency modulations that guide them.
1. I (17:01)
2. II (13:01)
3. III (17:01)
4. IIII (13:01)