Hot Motion

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Limited 2LP : Limited indies-only zoetrope edition on forest green and tan mixed vinyl with red and yellow splatter. Includes animated zoetrope labels, gatefold jacket, double-sided fold-out poster, custom inner sleeve, and digital download card.

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The third album from Temples sees them returning more to the rock sound of their 2014 debut "Sun Structures" after 2017's electronically-orchestrated "Volacano".

“There’s something more primal about this record,” suggests bassist Tom Walmsley. “We didn’t want to complicate things. We wanted it to have a more robust feel to it and focus more on guitars. Having less on there, but making everything sound as big as possible. I’ve always wanted our records to sound quite grand and larger than life, but we achieved that with some more earthy sounds in this time.”
1 Hot Motion

2 You're Either On Something

3 Holy Horses

4 The Howl

5 Context

6 The Beam

7 Not Quite The Same

8 Atomise

9 It's All Coming Out

10 Step Down

11 Monuments