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Limited LP : Silver vinyl

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A dub companion to the critically-acclaimed Rainford album that sees the Upsetter and co-producer Adrian Sherwood radically re-version the original tapes with a host of guest musicians including Brian Eno and Vin Gordon. If Rainford is 2019’s Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread then Heavy Rain is it’s Super Ape. It’s important to note that it’s not all Rainford re-works though: “Dreams Come True” and “Above And Beyond” are Scratch and Sherwood originals, heard here for the first time and equally strong material for this purple patch in the career of an unstoppable Jamaican maverick and true musical pioneer.
01. Intro - Music Shall Echo

02. Here Come The Warm Dreads

03. Rattling Bones And Crowns

04. Mindworker

05. Enlightened

06. Hooligan Hank

07. Crickets In Moonlight

08. Space Craft

09. Dreams Come True

10. Above And Beyond

11. Heavy Rainford

12. Outro - Wisdom