Gifted & Blessed

Heard and Unheard

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New solo electronic album from producer Gifted & Blessed aka Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker – his first full-length under that alias since 2016. 

Heard and Unheard was created using a semi-modular synthesizer, several effects processors and a pair of analogue drum machines. The album is made up of ten reflective and hypnotic tracks with emphasis on texture and atmosphere – both music to lose yourself to, and music to get lost in.


Side A

1. Invitation
2. Conditioning
3. Recognition
4. The Heretic
5. The Waiting Breath

Side B

1. Neutrino Stream
2. My Not-Self (Bitterness)
3. The Investigator
4. Yellow Ji (feat. AFTA-1)
5. Guidance