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Limited LP: Turquoise Vinyl

In the wake of Bitch Magnet and current of Superchunk, Sooyoung Park and Mac McCaughan formed a raw version of Seam in the summer of ’91. With bassist Lexi Mitchell, the trio banged out an album and two singles worth of shambolic dream pop in the sweltering Chapel Hill heat. Ten songs of talk-whispered vocals, sloshing guitar solos, scattered snare rolls, Velocity Girl’s Sarah Shannon, and the original version of Codeine’s slowcore classic “New Year’s,” on LP for the first time in 30 years.


A1 Decatur

A2 Grain

A3 Sky City

A4 Pins & Needles

A5 Feather

B1 Atari

B2 King Rice

B3 New Year’s

B4 Shame

B5 Granny 9x