Haru Nemuri

Haru To Shura

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Limited LP : Clear/white/turquoise coloured vinyl

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Haru Nemuri's debut full-length LP and first international release after 2 Japan-only EPs.
Mixing elements of alternative rock, post rock, (post) hardcore, spoken word and rap, she created a unique, forward thinking experimental version of modern music, a dense fusion of the quirky qualities of J-Pop, the intensity of post-hardcore and everything in between all at the same time.
A1 Make More Noise Of You
A2 Narashite
A3 Underground
A4 Haru To Shura
A5 zzz
A6 Lost Planet
A7 Take Back The World
B1 Night Swimming / Nineteen
B2 Let’s Dream
B4 Rock 'N' Roll Never Dies