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Got It

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The Still are a critically lauded Berlin-based instrumental quartet featuring pianist Chris Abrahams of The Necks, Steve Heather, Derek Shirley and Rico Repotente.

Their debut album was selected by Mojo Magazine as one of the Top 30 Albums Of 2016 in their end of year round-up, calling it “a beautifully recorded future classic. Instrumental music on the axis that connects Talk Talk and Miles Davis.” ‘Got It’ is the follow-up.

Originally formed as a soundtrack project for ‘Winterover’, a film by Stephen Eastaugh documenting his winter residency in Antarctica, The Still is a collision of captivating simplicity and fleeting subtle complexity, stretched over far- reaching trajectories and patterned other-worldly planes.

The Still delve steadily and unremittingly deeper into arrested time. Song forms are diluted by overtones and resonance that melt together into a cyclical trance, promising no resolution.

The Tortoise
The Knot
The 54
The Chunk
The Spring