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Galdre Visions

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‘Galdre Visions’ is Leaving Records supergroup Galdre Visions’s debut release. Inspired by Celtic mysticism, outer space and New Age both classical and modern, ‘Galdre Visions’ is a document of the exploratory, healing power of music.

Galdre Visions are comprised of Olive Ardizoni (Green-House), South Asian-American sitarist Ami Dang, Diva Dompé of Yialmelic Frequencies and harpist Nailah Hunter. These four artists were drawn together during the pandemic to remotely create collaborative music reflecting global uncertainty.

‘Galdre Visions’ is a reflective, ambient journey with airy vocal harmonies and layers of field recordings, harps and slow-burning ambient chords.

Living Space Station (Bad Dream)
Super Passiflora
Moon Ferns
The Sun Will Rise Again