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The debut mixtape from Bradford's Bad Boy Chiller Crew (BBCC). 

#MCs Kane, GK, Clive are deeply influenced by the 'bassline house' clubbing heritage they grew up around in the North of England as well as emergent UK and US rap.

The boys' have created something of their own new sound, lacing pacey 4x4 bass-quakes with a frantic lyrical fire that veers from infectious ear-worm hooks to wry observational punchlines.

Think The Streets meet T2's 'Heartbroken'.

Embracing the term 'charva' as a way-of-life, together they channel the nuances and absurdities of northern street life into hugely addictive tunes.

These lifelong friends are already celebrities around their Yorkshire locale, with a rabid social media following that devours both their singular brand of bassline-rap bangers.

  1. 450 - 2020 Mix
  2. Organ
  3. Active
  4. German Engineering
  5. Guns Up
  6. New Machine
  7. Loco
  8. Last Year
  9. Watch Out
  10. Thinking About You
  11. 450