The Herd

From The Underworld

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The Herd was founded in 1965 in south London and recorded three singles with Parlophone. In 1966 three members in succession (Terry Clark, Louis Cennamo and Mick Underwood) quit the group and the group got the lineup that made it famous. Peter Frampton was 16 when he joined the group in 1966, a few years younger than the other members. After a UK Singles Chart nearmiss with "I Can Fly" (April 1967), the haunting "From the Underworld", (August 1967) based on the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, reached Number 6 later that year with help from copious plays on pirate radio. Radio airplay was essential for success and the band recorded many unique versions of their hits, near misses and stage favourites for radio broadcast. It’s those recordings that comprise this album. The last months of 1968 were tempestuous times for the group. Steele left to be replaced by Henry Spinetti and dissatisfied with mere teen idol status, and disappointed with the failure of "Sunshine Cottage", which he’d written, Frampton left to form Humble Pie with Steve Marriott.


From the Underworld
I Like It Like That
I Can Fly
Paradise Lost
I Want You
Route 66
She Loves Me She Loves Me Not
Mixed Up Minds
I Don't Want Our Loving to Die
Mine Exclusively
Our Fairytale
Sunshine Cottage
Love Letters
The Purple God
Miss Jones
Nitty Gritty
The Name Certainly Rings A Bell
You Don't Love Me Any More
The Game