Lina Tullgren

Free Cell

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Mainly recorded and produced at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studios, with Ty Ueda later assisting on final tracking at his
Mount Misery studio, Lina Tullgren’s Free Cell is masterfully confident. Some rock elements like nonlinear song
structures and syncopated rhythms bleed over from the debut album "Won"-era on tracks like “110717,” but the album
offers a wider musical palette than its predecessor, with lush arrangements utilizing strings, brass and sculpted
synths throughout.

Throughout "Free Cell" , Tullgren looks back on their memories from the position of an analyst, often cool and cynical
but always with an undercurrent of humor and deep feeling. In their poetry Lina Tullgren writes anthems for the
alienated, for those alone on busses, at parties, at their parents’ house, for those who cannot help but feel lonely
even if they are surrounded by others.
1. Free Cell

2. 110717

3. Golden Babyland

4. Bad At Parties

5. Saiddone

6. Soft Glove 1

7. Glowing x 10000

8. Wow, Lucky

9. Soft Again

10. Nervous Yet

11. Soft Glove 2

12. Piano