Freak Show

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Limited LP : Limited numbered edition of 5000 on 180g 'Flaming' red and yellow vinyl

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The 2nd album from Australian rock band Silverchair, originally released in 1997.

After their debut "Frogstomp" they were fusing more elements together in their music for a more versatile sound in comparison to their earlier work and it marks the beginning of the definitive band sound.
1. "Slave"
2. "Freak"
3. "Abuse Me"
4. "Lie To Me"
5. "No Association"
6. "Cemetery"
7. "The Door"
8. "Pop Song For Us Rejects"
9. "Learn to Hate"
10. "Petrol & Chlorine"
11. "Roses"
12. "Nobody Came"
13. "The Closing"